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Front of the Hall County courthouse building.

Council Votes Against Extra Bar Hour, Veterans Raise Funds For Gulf War Monument

Front of the Hall County courthouse building.

*Audio Version Of Story Below*

At City Hall  The Grand Island Council voted NOT to extend bar hours until 2am.

The measure which was brought to the council by local business owners failed to pass last night on a 6-2 vote against. 

For the second straight meeting the council did not have all members present but a motion to postpone the vote to the December meeting was scrapped.



In the county board room, a group of Veterans presented their plans to raise funds to build a memorial for those who served in the Gulf War.

Brandon Warner, a veteran and Hall County employee said the monument would be placed at the Hall County Veterans Park on Capital Ave.

Kramer’s Auto Parts & Iron Co. and Alter Metal Recycling are involved in a metals for veterans fundraiser to help with the cost



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