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Nebraska Football

Frost Discusses Heat, Improvement Areas for Game Saturday

Nebraska Football

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost met with members of the media after Thursday's practice. Frost discussed the heat this weekend is bringing and how the team is preparing for it.
"We are going to adjust warmups a little bit make sure we do not spend too much before the game," Frost said. "We got the guys as prepped for that as we possibly can. I hope the fans take care of themselves too when it gets that hot in the stadium. Hope everybody can be safe on the field and off."
Frost was asked if the heat in the Illinois game affected the performance of the team.
"I did not think that was a factor for us in game one," he said. "We have to make sure to hydrate and do everything we can to get ready. It is good that we have more depth than we have had before so we can get some more guys in."
He spoke about perimeter blocking and the progress the team is making with it.
"A mark of a good team is when receivers are really blocking downfield," Frost said. "I thought we could have been better than we were last Saturday. Some of that was just confusion of assignments with some of the new stuff we have in but that is something that we are continually working on."
Frost explained the benefit of the increased number of touchbacks in the Fordham game.
"That is going to make a big difference," he said. "Maybe not on individual kickoffs but over time. You have a lot less chance of giving up a kick return if you are kicking it through the end zone. So those two guys are doing a good job and we look forward to more of that."
The Huskers are set to play Buffalo this Saturday, Sept. 11 at 2:30 p.m. on BTN at Memorial Stadium, and radio coverage will be provided by Huskers Radio Network.

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